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Web Design & Development







5 Weeks

arMentor partnered with DesignedIT to design a visually stunning website. The site was designed to be user friendly and to reflect arMentor's brand identity.

At DesignedIT, we pride ourselves on creating outstanding web designs for our clients. For this project, we were tasked with delivering a fully functional site, coupled with custom animations and interactions.


Web Design
Web Development


Web Design
Web Development
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DesignedIT built a visually stunning website that stands as a testament to the synergy of design prowess and organizational identity. This collaborative effort was driven by the shared vision of not only creating an aesthetically pleasing online presence but also ensuring a user-friendly interface that aligns seamlessly with the values and mission of arMentor. The website serves as a digital ambassador, capturing the attention of visitors with its captivating visuals while offering an intuitive and accessible platform. DesignedIT's resulted in a website that goes beyond mere functionality, becoming a true reflection of the unique identity and values that define arMentor.
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Our Impact

DesignedIT's impact on arMentor has been transformative, significantly enhancing the organization's online presence and outreach. Through a strategic approach to design, we have played a pivotal role in expanding arMentor's audience and fostering client growth. The visually appealing and user-friendly website has not only attracted a broader demographic but has also served as a dynamic platform for engaging potential clients. The intuitive design elements implemented by DesignedIT contribute to a positive user experience, translating into increased client acquisition and a more extensive reach for arMentor.
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