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We are DesignedIT, a Toronto-based Marketing Agency where clarity meets innovation.

At DesignedIT, we collaborate with clients globally to craft visually compelling websites optimized for peak engagement. Our dedication is to deliver digital experiences that resonate, ensuring every interaction leaves a memorable mark.

Search Engine

DesignedIT is your go-to SEO agency for elevating your online presence. Our skilled team utilizes bespoke SEO tactics, including meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, strategic link building, and targeted content marketing, to increase organic traffic and improve visibility. We are committed to helping you surpass competitors and maximize your digital impact. Join us to transform your SEO potential.


On Page SEO Services

DesignedIT prioritizes functionality and aesthetics, delivering on-page SEO solutions. SEO professionals conduct keyword research, incorporating terms across meta tags, headers, content, and URLs to establish site credibility. We enhance website framework, streamline navigation, and refine content organization for seamless indexing by search engines. Through collaboration with designers and developers, we integrate cutting-edge SEO techniques in website development. With our guidance, bolster online presence, attract a specific audience, and foster conversions.

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Off Page SEO Mockup

Off Page SEO Services

Our SEO strategy extends beyond typical on-page methods, enhancing authority through high-quality backlinks. Our team employs various off-page tactics, securing credibility through partnerships, collaborations, and directories. These backlinks act as 'votes of confidence' to search engines, establishing your site as trustworthy. Off-page SEO is crucial to our approach at DesignedIT. Improve organic rankings, attract traffic, and position your brand as a leader. Contact us to elevate your online presence through our off-page SEO expertise.

Link Building

At the core of our SEO services is a strategic link-building approach, curated to enhance your site's authority, visibility, and digital footprint. Through tailored outreach and symbiotic relationships with influential sites, our adept team secures invaluable backlinks. This concerted effort results in an impressive surge in search rankings and increased organic traffic. This approach fortifies your virtual footprint, maximizing the impact of our fine-tuned SEO strategies on your website's broader digital ecosystem.

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Our SEO Packages

Boost Your Online Presence with Our Tailored SEO Packages

Explore our streamlined SEO suite, focusing on strategic keyword research, impactful backlinks, and compelling blog articles for your brand. Our optimized strategies prioritize security and a seamless user experience in every SEO endeavor.

Our Monthly SEO Performance Audit provides continuous optimization for your website's SEO. Through the analysis of key metrics, we pinpoint areas for improvement and deliver actionable insights to drive organic growth and secure long-term success in search engine rankings.

SEO Performance Audit

By strategically analyzing metrics, optimizing content with targeted keywords, and providing insights for sustained organic growth in search engine rankings. The goal is to establish a resilient strategy beyond short-term gains, consistently elevating your website's presence over the long term.

Keyword Research

Blogs are a crucial part in establishing good SEO for a site. Our services for blog article writing center around crafting compelling content strategically infused with keywords. Adhering to industry best practices, we produce articles tailored to secure prominent positions in search results, thereby enhancing organic website traffic.

Blog Article Writing

Competitor research is crucial. Our team analyzes rivals' keywords, content strategies, and backlink profiles to enhance your strategy for better search rankings, surpassing competitors. Continuous monitoring ensures adaptability in the dynamic digital landscape for sustained online visibility success.

Competitor Research

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