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DesignedIT is a distinguished web design agency in Canada

We specialize in creating visually stunning websites that maximize user engagement. Our globally recognized team collaborates with clients worldwide, crafting award-winning digital experiences that stand out in the online landscape.

Web Design &

Web Development

DesignedIT crafts digital excellence with each project showcasing our tech expertise. Our developers build not just websites but robust platforms using advanced tech. We handle everything from efficient single-page apps to complex web portals. Join us to create a scalable, future-ready digital presence that elevates your brand.

EvoLift Website Mockup
arMentor Website Mockup

Web Design

DesignedIT transforms pixels into visual canvases with web design that narrates your brand's story. Our designers curate not just layouts but immersive digital experiences. Blending aesthetics and modern design, we create interfaces from minimalist to rich visuals. Dive into digital artistry with us and let your brand's essence shine in an intuitive and engaging online space. Let's design your future.

Our Web Development Packages

Tailored Web Development and Design Solutions for Your Business's Growth
*All Monthly Packages Are Recurring Until Canceled

At DesignedIT, we come up with our own custom design solutions to create a unique feel in all our projects. We have a passion for the art of modern web design, and high understanding of user psychology to increase user interactivity, and to make all user's experience smooth.  Our goal is to help you reach your business goals through your website.

Customs Designs

The quality of your website is our main priority, but it's also important how fast you can get the new and improved website. We pride ourselves in providing the most time-efficient service. When working with us, you can guarantee that our main focus is your project. No projects are put in queue, and no new projects are accepted if it could not be delivered on time.

Fast Delivery

We understand how important website responsiveness is. Our team ensures that all content presented on the website are a perfect fit across all devices. With our great experience in UX/UI you can guarantee that everything would be working perfectly when the site goes live. We deliver it as best as it can be.


At DesignedIT we are committed to providing our clients with the safest and most secure websites possible. Protecting your website from threats such as hacking attempts and malware is our top priority, and we are constantly keeping up with the latest security measures to ensure your website is well-protected.



Discover our meticulously designed digital offerings, featuring exceptional designs, flawless responsiveness, and strong security to ensure an outstanding user experience.

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