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We are DesignedIT, a Toronto-based Marketing Agency where clarity meets innovation.

At DesignedIT, we collaborate with clients globally to craft visually compelling websites optimized for peak engagement. Our dedication is to deliver digital experiences that resonate, ensuring every interaction leaves a memorable mark.

An Award-Winning

DesignedIT is an award-winning branding agency based in Canada

We believe that effective branding is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. Through meticulous attention to detail, we craft branding blueprints that seamlessly integrate with every aspect of your business—from your website and social media to business cards and brochures, ensuring a cohesive and powerful identity.

Branding Agency

Brand Enhancement

We specialize in perfecting business brand identities, enriching startups and established businesses through unique Brand Enhancement. Each branding element reflects curated style, transmitting a unified message across channels. This consistency distinguishes your brand, fostering audience reliability and confidence, fortifying trust. We believe in leveraging each brand's unique personality to develop a resonating brand persona.

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Graphic Design Mockup

Graphic Design

At DesignedIT, we craft your brand's visual essence through graphic design, comprising elements like logo design, mood board, color palette, typography, iconography, and guidelines. Our branding package includes digital and tangible resources, meticulously curated to establish and fortify your brand's identity. Each component representing the desired aesthetic, seamlessly conveying a unified message across diverse channels.

Research & Strategy

A comprehensive branding package involves crucial stages and deliverables, contributing significantly to the brand's identity. One often overlooked step is research and strategic planning. While an impressive logo, engaging color palette, and captivating designs are impressive, questioning the target audience is imperative. Does the design resonate across various age groups and life experiences? Such considerations are pivotal in crafting a truly impactful brand identity.

Research and Strategy Mockup

Discover the Distinctive Edge with DesignedIT's Signature Branding Solutions, Unveiling Tailored Copywriting, Eye-Catching Visuals, and a Captivating Brand Story for a Standout Experience.

Market research is crucial for grasping consumer preferences and industry trends. Utilizing surveys, focus groups, and data analysis provides valuable insights into customer behavior. Integrating these insights into brand strategy fosters lasting customer loyalty and sustainable growth within the competitive marketplace.

Market Research

Our adept writers create precise business content, seamlessly integrating diverse brand narratives. Our tailored copies engage your target audience, fostering brand loyalty by emphasizing your unique identity. With a keen eye for detail and market understanding, we enhance your brand's presence, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


Branding research informs the visual identity, encompassing logos, mood boards, colors and guidelines. A branding package solidifies the brand's image, ensuring a consistent style across channels. Our solutions include, typography, color palettes, and various templates to convey your brand's visual identity.

Visual Identity

The tale of your brand represents the storytelling approach employed to convey pivotal moments in the genesis of your business. These narratives not only establish a link between your enterprise and its clientele but also serve as a catalyst for fostering deeper connections and relationships with your audience.

Brand Story

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