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Designed With Love

DesignedIT is a digital service agency based in Toronto, ON, Canada who works with clients all over the world to create unique websites, with highly functional web elements to get the most out of any business.


Having a strong online presence especially now a days is essetial for any business as it affects how users preceive your brand. Businesses need to differentiate from the competition in order to maximize growth. Having a powerful website, or any digital platform puts you ahead of the vast sea of competition, and leaves a great impression if the brand is showcased corretly. DesignedIT makes sure that any digital platform created is unique, elegant, and is made in a user-friendly manner.

DesignedIT will help you reach new levels of trust with your audiance by handling the entire website design/development process from start to finish. Get in contact with us today to discuss the best solution that best suits your business needs!​


Custom Designs

At DesignedIT, with the talented team of developers and designers, we come up with our own custom design solutions to create uniquess in all our projects. We have a passion for the art of modern web design, and high understnading of all users psycology to increase user interactivity, and to make all user's experience smooth.  Our goal is to help you reach your business goals through  your website. 

Fast Delivery

The quality of your website is our main priority, but it's also  important how fast you can get the new and improved website. At DesignedIT, we understand how importnat time is, and how it could affect the business. We pride ourselves in providing the most time-efficient service. When working with DesignedIT, you can guarantee that our main focus is your project. No projects are put in queue, and no new projects are accepted if it could not be delivered on time.  


At DesignedIT, we understand how important website responsivness is, and our team ensures that all content presented on the website are perfect fit across all devices. With our great experinece in UX/UI, and amount of time spent on testing, you can guarantee that everything would be working perfectly when the site goes live. We deliver it as best as it can be.

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