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Designed With Passion

DesignedIT is a digital service agency based in Toronto, ON, Canada who works with clients all over the world to create unique mobile apps, and digital designs with highly functional elements to get the most out of any business.







DesignedIT will help you reach new levels of trust with your audiance by handling the entire design and development process of your project from start to finish. Get in contact with us today to discuss the best solution that best suits your business needs!​

IOS App Development
Android App Development
Hybrid App Development
UX/UI Design
Logo Design
Graphic Design


Mobile App Development

At DesignedIT, with the use of new technology, we are able to create state of the art desings and turn it into mobile applications. From IOS app development to Android, DesignedIT delivers it the best. Our experienced developers work closely with you in creating a mobile app that retains and engages users while increasing your brand value.

Digital Designs

With the help of our talented design team, we create unbeatable designs, prototypes, logos, graphic designs and more. Our designs give you a clear understanding of what to expect from your business/brand. With our thorough knowledge of UX and UI, we deliver designs to take your project to a whole new level. So contact us now and we will DesignIT to perfection!   

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Fast Delivery

The success of your brand is our main priority, threfore we put importance on how fast you can get your designs. At DesignedIT, we understand how importnat time is, and how it could affect the business. We pride ourselves in providing the most time-efficient services. When working with DesignedIT, you can guarantee that our main focus is your project and no projects are put in queue. No new projects are accepted if it cannot be delivered on time.  Let's start with your brand, and take it to a new level.

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